how your voice can make a difference

How Your Voice Can Make A Difference

Charitable giving and how artists can give back As an artist, it’s pretty amazing to have a unique advantage to use your voice and platforms to reach a large number of people and help to support those in need. It’s something we’ve loved discussing with our artists these past months since the start of both[…]

to release or not to release

To Release Or Not To Release

Some points of view during this time of uncertainty and turmoil We’re amid a time period that will without a doubt go down as a key moment in history. The state of the country (and world) it is safe to say, is not what any of us expected, and life has changed in many ways.[…]

spotify editorial playlists

What Is a Spotify Editorial Playlist and How Do I Get On One?

There’s a lot to know in the playlisting world, and there’s also a lot of information out there today to sift through. We’re here today focusing on what a Spotify Editorial Playlist is, how you can set yourself up to potentially be noticed by the Spotify editorial teams so you can possibly find your music on one, and why landing a placement on one is pretty sweet. More info on other types of playlists and other platforms in upcoming posts!