#Tuesday Tips #2 3/31/2020

DPG Tuesday Tip #2: Get In Tune

Get in tune with our Co-Founder of DPG, Andrea Young, as she discusses what independent artists can do to keep the momentum going right now.

Her tips were published this past week by the good folks over at Cyber PR in their article, “Coronavirus: What Can Independent Artists Do”, where 15 Top Marketing Pros shared lots of good advice!  Here’s a direct link to the article: https://bit.ly/2UmQI4s 

One tip from Andrea in the article:  Stay connected

“Music helps boost people’s immune systems, and can lessen anxiety and depression. You never know how much your music might help someone make it through this time. “
Andrea Young

Below are some specific tips for staying connected!

Getting In Tune (our music pick to inspire some action)

Tip #1: Share your process

  • Share how world events are affecting your process.
  • Share how changes to your personal situation are affecting your process.  Example, are some of your family members helping with your creative process or are you working to build a private space in order to create?  

Tip #2: Support our music community

Many ways!  Here are a few:  

  • Give a donation to MusicCares or another music-industry related nonprofit like the R&B Foundation
  • Share artists and playlists you are listening to on your socials
  • Participate in virtual conferences and think-tank virtual get togethers to stay connected

Tip #3: Make your music available everywhere

Make your music available everywhere and anywhere so it can be found.  Some areas to pay attention (if you haven’t already):

  • Pandora – check to make sure your tracks are up on Pandora, and if not, get in touch with your distributor to figure out how to get them up there
  • Sound Exchange – ‘radio’-like play royalties and revenues come to you through Sound Exchange, and this is the place we usually find many artists have had to neglect (its not easy to register tracks).  Have your team spend time now “dotting i’s and crossing t’s” on the Sound Exchange site
  • Amazon Music For Artists – a new site you’ll want to sign up for.  We’ll have further instructs on how to do this in the coming weeks