#Tuesday Tips #3 4/7/2020

DPG Tuesday Tip #3: Amazon Music for Artists Sign Up

Amazon Music For Artists is here! 
And we’ve created a handy sign up guide for artists and their teams.
Learn how to set up your account with our sign up guide in five simple steps!
Amazon Music (unlike a few other platforms) has made it really easy to sign up and get access.  
They allow access as long as you 1) have a CD Baby account for your music, or 2) log into your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and allow them to verify you through those accounts (similar to Spotify’s process).
We’ve tried the CD Baby verification and it went smoothly, as did the Fb, Tw and Ig verification method as well.  Thank you Amazon Music!
Link to our full documentation on the process is here:  https://bit.ly/amazonartists
Shortcut tips if you like to wing it and just need to understand a few basics are below, after our ‘Getting In Tune’music of the week feature

Getting In Tune

(our music pick to inspire some action)

Shortcut Tip #1 - Artist or Manager should sign up first

Either the artist or trusted artist manager should probably be the first person to sign up for access, since that person is considered the ‘Owner’ of the Amazon Music for Artists account, and can then invite others.

Shortcut Tip #2 - Get on mobile

There’s not a desktop version of this app, so you’ve got to sign up on your mobile or a handheld tablet with iOS/Android

Shortcut Tip #3 - Get on your Fb, Tw, Ig accounts before you start

Unless you distribute through CD Baby (a shortcut in itself), best way to quickly get access is to log into your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram artist accounts before you start the process.  Because you’ll need to link to those during the process.

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