How Playlist Pitching Works

How Playlist Pitching Works Andrea Young, Partner and Chief Playlisting Officer, at DPG Worldwide sat down with Music Biz Weekly to discuss how playlist pitching works, and what you need to know if you are going to hire someone to pitch your music to playlists. DPG Worldwide is a full service artist development and label[…]

Best Practices for Promoting Your Music to Playlisters

Our co-founder and Chief Playlisting Officer Andrea Young recently gave a talk at the Songcamp2018 online summit on ‘Monetizing Your Music.  She talked about the best practices for promoting your music to playlisters.  Video and transcript available below.   [gview file=””]

We feel blessed and grateful…..

We feel blessed and grateful…..2017 was a wonderful year for Koral Young!  We rolled out our Playlisting and Streaming promotion services.  Thank you to all the artists who believed in us!  And thank you to all the DJs, tastemakers, influencers, bloggers, playlisters and curators who liked what they listened to and helped us ‘get the music heard’[…]