Navigating the World of Playlisting Webinar

Navigating the World of Playlisting

Andrea Young, Founder of DPG Worldwide, and Erin Kinghorn, Managing Partner of DPG Canada, discuss the world of Playlisting. 
We’ve supported hundreds of artists and releases in the past years through our playlisting strategic services, and will be sharing some of our experiences. Playlisting can be a much misunderstood part of an artist’s marketing campaign. A large part of this webinar will be answering your questions and concerns about the space. What would you like to know?

Getting In Tune

We love to share our music and playlist picks because we can't have a music blog post without a music pick!

Artist: Sawyer Fredericks

Style: "free range folk" with Sawyer's fierce vocal style

Mood: Fierce, Energetic

Theme: family, growing up, gratitude Playlist: Amazon Music's Fresh Folk and Americana Playlist


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