#Tuesday Tips #1 3/24/2020

DPG Tuesday Tip #1: Connect With Other Artists
That Have A Similar Fanbase

Welcome to DPG Worldwide’s #TuesdayTips!

There are so many aspects of the music industry that are changing all the time and much of what we do here is work to give you the tools you can use to navigate through it. We’re happy to be with you on this journey and bring you #DPGTuesdayTips each week!

Our first tip is simple, yet really effective: connect with other artists that have a similar fanbase.    

‘Similar fanbase’ might mean larger and more popular artists who have a similar sound, artists with the same size following as you, or artists who are marketing their music in ways that you admire.  Connecting with other artists and their teams will build your community and following in a very natural way (many will follow you back!).  Here are 3 ways to do that, followed by our suggested Action Steps.

Tip #1: Use Spotify's 'Fans Also Like'

These are artists that your fans are also listening to.  You can’t control this list (as much as you’d like to do that!)  And sometimes the list won’t exactly reflect the artists you think should be on it.  But it can be a good start to understand where your music is a fit in the listening ecosystem.


Tip #2: Make a list of artists you resonate with

Make a list of artists you are listening to right now, or who have inspired your music, or have mentored you in some way.

You’re going to use this list to further connect with artists in our Action Steps below.  List artists you’ve played with, who have a sound familiar to your own, who have inspired you and your art, who you aspire to follow in the footsteps of their career.  List at least 5 or 10, and you can’t list too many!


Tip #3: Find a credible playlist for more artists

Scroll through the list to find artists who have a similar sound.  Pay special attention to the artists whose tracks have been placed next to your song.  are placed next to your song. 



For each of the tips above, for each artist that you find, do the following:

  1. Follow their Artist Profile on Spotify so that you support them, and get first notice of their new releases and promotions.  You can do this on other platforms as well — Amazon, Apple, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud for example.  If you follow their Artist Profile on Spotify (or other platform), you’ll increase their fanbase, and, get first notice of their new releases and promotions, which can give you ideas about your own promotion efforts.

  2. Follow them on socials.  You can easily use the link that can be found on Spotify on their ‘About’ page to click through to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Like their posts and even comment as you have time and appropriate. 
  3. Extra credit:  Find their website and sign up for their mailing list.   Again, this will give you a look at what they are doing to release and promote their music, which can give you insights on what you can do to promote and release yours.