Playlisting Success Stories

Levi HummonRising pop country artist from Nashville, TN

Since Levi signed on for our Playlisting services, our team has secured many successes for him in the digital streaming space:

• Placement on many playlists with 100,000+ followers – New Boots, Ladies Love Country Boys, Afternoon Teen Hangout, Weekly Top Country Hits
• 3 singles reaching over 17 MILLION streams to date – Stupid, Don’t Waste The Night, Love Heals


DYGLRising indie rock band from Tokyo, Japan

DYGL signed on just prior to SXSW 2018 for PR and Playlisting and in a short amount of time, our team was able to accomplish the follow for them – SXSW related, and beyond!

33 Spotify playlists (and counting) including ‘New Music Wednesday’, ‘J-Rock Now’, ‘Edge’, ‘Rock the World and independent playlists from Bristol Funk and Indiemono.
• ‘Bad Kicks’ focus track released 2/21/18, is now at 150,000+ listens
• HBO Latin America interview
• Yahoo ’10 Best Things We Saw at SXSW’

What is this streaming success doing for these two artists careers?

Well, for one, it’s putting money back into their pockets! Digital streaming pays about $.004 per stream. And if we do some quick math:

100,000 streams = $400
1 Million streams = $4,000
2 Million streams = $8,000
10 Million streams = $40,000

And so on…!

Aside from getting paid for these streaming plays, the behind the scenes success that this offers artists are vast – exposure, growing your fan base, placement and recognition in industry blogs, media outlets, and more!

This is all part of the equation that helps to get you closer to where you want to be in your career.

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