Tips for Artists Going Into 2021

Keep reading for helpful tips from DPG’s Founder and Partner, Andrea Young!

As a full service artist development agency, we spend much of our time figuring out all of the different tips and tricks that will help artists succeed in their music. And as we migrate back towards a somewhat normal world and the revival of much of the music industry, there is no better time for artists to take hold of their careers and bring it to the next level!

Earlier this year, DPG’s very own Andrea Young joined Artist, Label, and DSP Relations Manager, Mike Warner on his widely-known podcast to discuss the necessity of artists utilizing any and all available DSPs to their advantage. In this episode of “Streamline with Mike Warner”, Andrea highlights how important it is for musicians to not only claim their artist profiles on DSPs, but to maximize their presence on those platforms for additional exposure to potential fans and audiences.

Take a listen below to hear more recommendations and helpful pointers from Andrea!

February 2021 – Podcast, Streamline with Mike Warner

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-Team DPG


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