How To Pitch and Place Music On Playlists

Back in February of this year, DPG’s Founder and Partner, Andrea Young, joined Sydney and Sam Overholtzer for episode 38 of The Set Up podcast. The Set Up is known for its coverage of topics ranging from all over the music industry (and beyond) and for its intention of highlighting the experiences of experts and translating it into advice for that can benefit anyone no matter what stage in their career.

In this episode of The Set Up, Andrea and the Overholtzer sisters dive into conversations surrounding pitching music and getting tracks placed on playlists. By breaking down the various types of playlists and curators that are out there, it becomes clear how beneficial placements can be — whether it be on an editorial, algorithmic, or independent playlist. Editorial playlists, which are often curated by the editors of the platform itself, have the potential to change an artist’s life overnight. Algorithmic playlists can also have a significant impact on a musician’s career, but are triggered by both artist and fan activity. Independent playlist placements are unique in the way that they offer the authentic feedback and insight that helps the artist determine where their music belongs within the music marketplace. Andrea then explains best practices when it comes to playlisting and points out the importance of production value, themes and mood of the playlist, having a solid pitch that builds their credibility, and meeting the curator where they are (i.e. submitting via the playlister’s preferred way). Then, the Oberholtzer sisters ask about red flags to look out for when pitching to playlisters. Andrea recommends being wary of those that ask for money up front and guarantee either streams or placements as it’s often an indication of an inauthentic curator.

One of Andrea’s final tips is to build strong relationships with playlisters. She emphasizes that the process relies on a mutual give and take: while the playlister supports the artist, the artist is equally supporting the playlister. These artist/curator relationships are important as it may provide the artist unique opportunities down the road!

If you’re interested in DPG’s playlisting services, we’d love to connect with you here. DPG Worldwide’s talented team can meet artists anywhere in their career and help them take it to the next level!

-Team DPG

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