DPG Worldwide – 2021: Wrapped

As a full service artist development agency, we’ve spent much of the last year figuring out all of the different tips and tricks that will help artists take hold of their careers and bring it to the next level! DPG Worldwide has participated in a variety of webinars, podcasts, and more to bring more success to artists and their music and what better way to kick off the new year than by recapping some highlights from 2021!

At the very beginning of 2021, DPG’s very own Andrea Young and Erin Kinghorn joined Linda Lorence-Critelli of NYC³ (New York City Creative Community) to discuss digital marketing, playlisting, and the impact they can have on an artist’s career.

Check out our ‘Digital Marketing and Independent Playlisting’ blog for the full webinar and even more information!

Andrea Young then appeared on Mike Warner’s “Streamline with Mike Warner” podcast to chat about the importance of utilizing DSPs and the simple yet effective actions artists can take to set themselves up for success!

Read our ‘Tips for Artists Going Into 2021’ blog and listen to the full podcast here!

Andrea also joined the Oberholtzer sisters on their successful music business podcast, “The Set Up”, to dive into ALL things playlisting.

Check out our ‘How To Pitch and Place Music On Playlists’ blog for the full podcast and even more playlisting advice!

Later in the year, Andrea Young teamed up with Mike Warner for Music Biz’s Common Ground Webinar Series event, ‘Playlists and Beyond: Best Practices for Artists & Their Teams’ to share best practices and promotional tools for music release strategies, fan development, artist branding and more. Their presentation was later reprised as a part of INDIE WEEK.

Watch the complete webinar, read through their entire slide deck, and find more information here!

Feeling stuck and looking for the next move that will further advance your music in 2022? Consider getting in touch with us here about our digital marketing and playlisting services. Our powerhouse team can help you take your career to the next level!

-Team DPG