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Koral Young is a full service artist development agency, based in Los Angeles, with offices in LA and Aspen. Koral Young specializes in online marketing and public relations, with the common goal of increasing public awareness and exposure of our musicians and lifestyle brands.

We work closely with our clients to create strategic tailor-made campaigns. Whether an unsigned artist, a newly launched brand, or a band with previous campaign history, we pride ourselves on meeting the individual needs of our clients. We work to place our artists in media outlets appropriate for their unique image.

Our team is passionate about music and constantly engage with the arts scene in our respective cities. We keep up to date with the trends and cycles within the entertainment industry, so that we can best offer our services to our clients. We have a vast array of services including media and public relations (online, print, TV, specialty/public/satellite radio), marketing (social networking, lifestyle, and tour), DJ servicing, synch licensing, distribution, industry marketing, and overall project management.

The Koral Young Group serves musicians via publicity, playlisting, social media, touring, synch licensing, radio, SEO and street team management and strategies.  We’re relentless in helping both emerging and established musicians get their music out into the world.  Contact us:  team@koralyoung.com

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